This year again HP will be the Official Partner of the most prestigious Film Festival in the world,
the 70th Cannes Film Festival.

Together with Intel, we would like to give you the opportunity to join this exceptional event for an amazing 2-day experience including walking the red carpet for a world premiere screening of one of the films in the competition and enjoying a showcase of HP’s role in the Festival as well as the latest HP products in the HP Studio.

How to Win

If you are an “HP Education Focus Specialist” partner listed in the HP check engine, sell qualifying product lines and have signed the Terms and Conditions you are already eligible.

All you have to do is sell HP education PCs with Intel processors.

There will be two lucky winners:

  1. The partner with the highest sell out growth on Intel based education hardware (quarter on quarter)
  2. The partner with the highest sell out figure on Intel based education hardware

Qualifying sales will take place in November 2016, December 2016 and January 2017 on selected product lines.

HP Studio

Sales Kit

Terms and Conditions:

** The qualifying product lines are: 2H, 6X, 7S, 7V, 8N, 9F, 9G, 9H, 9T, FF, FH, MP, TB, 2C, 52, 5U, 5X, 66, 6U, 7F, 8J, AN, BO, EZ, FD, TA, US, UT, UV, 16, 1O, 1P, 67, 9R, CY, FG, MG, MN, 19, 1D, 2B, 2N, 2Q, 30, 3Y, 4H, 4L, 4M, 4X, 5M, 65, 6A, 7T, 8A, 9C, AK, C5, DU, K4, K5, K7, KP, LY, MA, MC, PQ, SB, ST, T2, 64, R4, K2, R6, 30.**
1. Eligible Partners: This HP Movie Star EMEA Reseller Incentive (“Incentive Scheme”) is open to HP Authorized Resellers in UK/DE/NL/Belgium/France/Spain/Portugal with an “HP Education Focus Candidate Flagged” listing in the HP check engine that sell qualifying product lines (PLs).
2. Period: This Incentive Scheme will run from Tuesday November 1st 2016 until Tuesday January 31st 2017 inclusive (“Incentive Period”).
3. Participation: Eligible partners will receive these terms and conditions by email and must accept them by returning a confirmation email to their HP local sales representative in order to participate.
4. The Incentive Scheme:
a) The Incentive Scheme will reward the two best performing participants per country on Intel based hardware education sell out growth (QoQ) and total Intel based hardware education sell-out (value available in the check engine) on the qualifying PLs in each case during the Incentive Period, as further described below.
The qualifying PLs are: 2H, 6X, 7S, 7V, 8N, 9F, 9G, 9H, 9T, FF, FH, MP, TB, 2C, 52, 5U, 5X, 66, 6U, 7F, 8J, AN, BO, EZ, FD, TA, US, UT, UV, 16, 1O, 1P, 67, 9R, CY, FG, MG, MN, 19, 1D, 2B, 2N, 2Q, 30, 3Y, 4H, 4L, 4M, 4X, 5M, 65, 6A, 7T, 8A, 9C, AK, C5, DU, K4, K5, K7, KP, LY, MA, MC, PQ, SB, ST, T2, 64, R4, K2, R6, 30.
The education sell-out measurement is taken from HP’s end customer education database. Hardware education sell out growth in the education sector will be calculated according to the following formula: (Education Sell out for HP fiscal Q1FY17-Education Sell out for HP fiscal Q4FY16)/Education Sell Out for HP fiscal Q4’FY16.
b) Ranking: Hardware education sell out growth of all participants in the country will generate a first ranking. Hardware education sell out in HP fiscal Q1’FY17 ranking per country will generate a second ranking. The sum of the ranking of these 2 criteria will generate an overall ranking. The two highest ranking partners in each country are the winners.
c) Exclusion rules: any participants not achieving minimum sales of US$50,000 on the qualifying PLs to education customers in the Incentive Period will not be eligible for the reward. A partner can win the reward only once.
d) HP will communicate by email a report informing the participants of their positioning.
e) Sales will be validated by HP. Achievement will be measured through the regular reporting supplied by HP through the data available in HP systems.
f) The winners will be announced by HP in writing by Friday February 17 2017. HP has the right to change the deadline in the event of internal data reporting issues.
g) Once announced, each winner must nominate 2 employee representatives to benefit from the Incentive Scheme reward and notify their HP Partner Manager the names of such employee representatives and their respective spouse. Passport data (first name and surname) of the employee and his/her spouse, including contact information, shall be submitted to HP by Friday March 17, 2017, via email to their HP Partner Business manager. The HP Partner Business Manager will then communicate the information to the respective agency contracted by HP for this activity. Any employee leaving a participating reseller partner or giving their termination notice before the end of the Incentive Period will be disqualified from attendance on the reward trip. HP has the right to change the reward destination or to cancel in the event that there are not enough winners. No cash alternative is available.
h) The reward is a two night stay in Cannes, France, including accommodation and organized events, meals and activities for the winning employee representatives and their spouses. The winning employee representatives and spouses will be hosted by HP representatives during their stay. The reward excludes: travel to Cannes (France) and all other costs including VISA fees, spending money and travel insurance, which will be the responsibility of the winners or their employers.
5. Personal Data: Any personal data which you may provide when you participate in this Incentive Scheme will be used by HP and its subcontractors for the purposes of this Incentive Scheme only. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, any personal data disclosed to HP may be used by HP in accordance with the HP Partner Agreement.
6. Compliance with local tax and social security law: The rewards may be considered a taxable benefit to the winners. Winners (or their employee to whom the benefit is given as the case may be) will be directly responsible for accounting for and paying to their local tax offices any tax liability and NI contributions arising on their prize. HP will not have any National Insurance or tax liability arising from this Incentive Scheme.
7. HP Contact: For any questions and / or comments participants can contact their respective local HP channel sales representative.
8. General: HP reserves the right to amend, modify, cancel or withdraw this Incentive Scheme at any time without prior notice. HP reserves the right to audit all participating organizations to ensure that the terms and conditions of the Incentive Scheme have been met and to request additional relevant information. HP reserves the right to confirm the identification of attendees. By agreeing to participate in the Incentive Scheme, Resellers agree to supply feedback if requested by HP. The decisions of HP or its subcontractors in respect of any and all aspects of the Incentive Scheme described herein, including in the unlikely event of any dispute, will be final and binding. HP cannot guarantee the performance of any third party and to the extent permitted by law shall not be liable for any act or default by a third party. Participants in this Incentive Scheme agree that HP will have no liability whatsoever for any injuries, losses, costs, damage or disappointment of any kind resulting in whole or in part, directly or indirectly from acceptance, misuse or use of a reward, or from participation in this Incentive Scheme except that nothing in this clause shall limit HP’s liability in respect of death or personal injury arising out of its own negligence or arising out of fraud. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Switzerland. Promoter is HP International Sarl with offices at 150, Route du Nant d’Avril, 1217 Meyrin, Geneva, Switzerland (‘HP”). The Incentive Scheme is fully funded by Intel.